My Uncle’s Plastic Surgery Website

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I visited my uncle, plastic surgeon Dr. Steven George this past week.

His website was built by good friends of ours in the Virginia Beach area who specialize in sites dealing with cosmetic doctors.

What can I say? They designed a beautiful website.

Plastic surgery is something that is something that many people use to gain control of the self image they really want. I applaud anyone who does such thing.

Back to the site, they’ve used examples I’ve posted in my blog in the past.

The basics of including the number in the top right, and everything of the like.

The color scheme they went with is blue, and it flowed through the whole site.

If you have to check it out, please do.

We can design similar sites as well, please contact us if you’re interested in a site like the one posted.

Our expertise can help any small business give the experience their customers deserve.

This Lee, signing out. Until next one my friends.

Case Study: Damage Restoration Site

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We recent began working with a new client of ours who specializes in the restoration of homes, offices, and properties from any sort of danger.

It’s important to mention that the most exciting clients to work with are those who have no work done in their sites.

Sure, most social media accounts may be made, but customers buy from your own property. Not, social media. Social media is used to engage with your customers.

site design

This company came from a referral, looking for complete website creation. Lead generation, media, descriptions, and all the best sorts of good work.

We started by identifying their goal of their site. It was apparent driving business was their number one priority for the whole project.

A simple web design was used through out the whole site. They said simplicity was their best asset at their company.

Conversion of the website was another concern. We made sure to optimize every page for the best possible placement of number.

Here’s a tip: Place numbers in the corner of pages for best conversion.

People read from left to right in English, so it easier for people to see the number in the first line like when they read an article. Correct?

Our next priority was a form to capture anyone with water damage into a simple email sent to the owner.

Most of the water remediation, mold remediation, biohazard removal, is done in emergency situations so most business is done through the phone. We optimized the page for smaller form, bigger numbers.

It was a fun project indeed. We love to share our work with you guys.

Email us if your looking for a new site.

Great Website Design

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Great design starts with aesthetics.

Here at Lee Kirkham we strive to be the #1 Web Design Studio in the Arizona area.

We inspire from the greatest of the great. From Apple, to Leonardo Di Vinci, to Picasso. Great design takes you in a whim.

I think Jonathan Ives said it best, when explaining the hard work needed to be put in to create a masterpiece.

It starts with cutting out the bad that doesn’t touch us as humans.

Bring in art, smooth edges, and everything important.

We have clients all over the world. It’s important to work with the best of the when it comes to great work.

It touches people the right way when a product can go beyond just using it.

It must evoke an emotion.

It must evoke thinking, progression, and thoughtfulness.

Let us know what you think.

We’d love to work with you in the future.